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A Trans Bio Energy Product
MaxR200™ Anti-Friction Lubricant
Advanced Equipment Protection
A TransBio Energy Company, LLC Product
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MaxR200™ is used in motors, transmissions, hydraulic systems, differentials, gears or virtually any place where lubrication is required.
Unlike other products, MaxR200™ metallic compound formula does not include chemical elements of the "Halogen" group, particularly chlorine and fluorine, nor sulfur or phosphorous, which may combine with hydrogen and form highly undesired (corrosive) acid. MaxR200™ does not contain PTFE (Teflonฎ) or any other particulate that can cause corrosion, alter design tolerances, increase oxidation or contaminate oil.

MaxR200™'s negatively activated molecules strongly bond with the positive charge of metal, creating a microscopic protective layer between friction causing activity. This bond substantially decreases the effects of dry-starts, oxidation, cavitation and other maladies that cause wear to equipment. MaxR200™ reduces fuel consumption, typically in the 3%-8%+ range.

With the high cost of maintenance and replacement parts, MaxR200™ goes a long way to improving the bottom line. With reduced emissions, improved performance, and a fast ROI, this product is good for the environment and the pocket book.
MaxR200™ Benefits:
Provide like-new engine performance Outstanding wear protection High temperature protection
Faster cold-weather starts Reduces dry start-up & water damage Reduced exhaust emissions
Better fuel economy Smoother gear operation Extended life of primary lubricant
Improve systems rapidly Extended equipment life, less down-time, more productivity Soften and condition seals
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