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A Trans Bio Energy Product
MaxR200 Anti-Friction Lubricant
Extended Oil Life
ColdAir MaxR100 MaxR200 MaxR300
MaxR200 anti-friction compound extends oil drains
MaxR200 is an anti-friction intermetallic compound that has the added benefit of reducing oil drain requirements. This is accomplished by providing relief from the two main causes of oil viscocity breakdown, contamination and heat.

A lot of the contamination in oil is metal particulate that gets chipped off during start-up and ongoing operation of the vechicle. Once MaxR200 is added, a lubricating shield protects from metal-to-metal contact, which is especially important during start-up. The result is a substantial reduction in contamination due to cold or dry starts. Blow-by contamination will also not have as much of a negative impact, since dirt particulate will not be contacting the metal and causing the damage typical to this problem.

Oxidation is another negative contributor to the health of oil. When water comes into contact with metal, acids are formed that evenutally lead to oxidation and the breakdown of oil. After MaxR200 has been applied, water will not come into contact with the metal, thus eliminating oxidation and extending the working life of the oil.

The second reason that oil breaks down is heat. Each degree of higher or lower temperature has a significant impact on the viscocity of the oil. After MaxR200 is added to the motor, operating temperatures will drop. In previous independent testing on three vehicles, the average drop in operating temperature was 18.6 degrees F. the temperature reduction report (.pdf)

How often should MaxR200 be Added?
We recommend adding MaxR200 to the motor every 20,000 miles, 30,000 kms or 500 operating hours. If a vehicle idles for extended periods this interval should be adjusted. MaxR200 is added to engines at 2oz/quart of oil for the first application and 1oz/quart for ongoing applications. more on engine application (.pdf)

Oil Drain Intervals
Since operating conditions vary for every vehicle, we do not specify when the oil should be changed. Under the above conditions we suggest that oil drain intervals may be cut in half.
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